Salut, I am Gary Hershberger!

Thanks for visiting Fotografnunti. I am Gary Hershberger, a romanian wedding photographer. Please enjoy my work of art as newly weds present one of their wonderful moment of their life. It certainly doesn't occus often, preserving the moments is what I do.

Introducing Anime Memes!

What is meme?

Well, a meme, according to wikipedia, is an activity, concept, catchphrase or piece of media which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person via the Internet. Some notable examples include posting a photo of people lying down in public places (called "planking") and uploading a short video of people dancing to the Harlem Shake.

To cut to the short version, memes are just funny and make you laugh. 9gag is a good example for this.

I went to a comic con the other month, and learnt that anime has got a big influence in my country and slowly I began to entrench myself into the culture. So you could say that I'm a otaku now, as I've been watching and reading youtube anime. It's funny how all this happen and how contagious it can be, not that I'm complaining.

Anyway, I've also been an active audience at 9gag. When you have nothing to do and want to kill your time with some laugh, 9gag has always been my hangout place. This is where people from around the world share and read interesting and hilarious post. I absolutely love how meme can be so simple and short yet the effectiveness to make ones laugh is unsurmountable to other long form of media. I mean this is exactly what you need whenever you want to have a good short laugh to boost your mood for the next thing you are going to do, also fight depression without taking any drugs with multiple side effects!

So, anime plus meme = anime tribes. Ever since I've come to known this place, I just can't get enough with the funny anime memes the sites shares. I get you can get from all sort of places, but why waste the time to look for them while has done excellent job on the matter. Kudos to them.

As an otaku, I love meme, so if you happen to be the like me, I'm sure you will enjoy too.

Till then, keep funny anime memes awesome!

Helpful Weddingraphy Ideas

1. Full body shot of a bridal displaying the elegant and beautiful-ness of the bride.

2. Ever heard of perfect sunset?

3. If you have perfect nieces or someone you want to commerate.

4. Using reflection on the ground to give that whimsical look.

5. Have an outdoor event? Why not try setting a flying lantern for goodwill?

E3 Gameloft Booth

This may seem a bit unrelevant, but as I'm a gamer myself too, I like visiting games convention. And here, I snap a photo of Gameloft booth, the maker of my favourite - Blitz Brigade.

And of course for those who don't know what's Blitz Brigade is, it's a game that you can install for free in iOS and Android. If you like Team Fortress 2 then you'll like this game. I enjoy kicking asses in this game while I'm not shooting for any subject. Read this for more:

I mean just look at that tank, makes you wanna just cruise it around and crush your oppenent to kingdom come! Eeee haw! But I'm a photographer and a bad gamer by nature, I can stand being killed most of the time, but there are times I wanted to make a pay back. So I found a wonder hack to help me with this. So be prepared.

Sharing is caring so I'm going to share where I found the hack too. It's at playberries ;) Enjoy thyself with this divine hack!

You must have a jailbroken android or iphone (ios) tho so you can use ifile, but there are some guides including in their hack pack, just didn't get around to mess up with it since I'm clearly not a hacker. But feel free to try the modded apk or deb and the other charles, xmodgames, sbgh, cydia and others. You probably can hack better than I do, but hell, it works for me and I had fun. So what's more I can ask for. *shrugs*

Nagoya Trip

Here's something I wish to share while I was away for a Nagoya sponsored wedding trip. These were shoot when I was off the photo shoot session.

Hida-Beef sushi (500 yen) along the sanmachi old street. It's light seared and tasted extremely great! Usually lots of people queuing up to get a taste of this.

It's a cultural tradition to sake breweries hanging a cedar ball under the eaves, because barrels used to be made from Japanese cedar during Edo period.

This is miso rice cake (gohei mochi), man I love love don't I? It's grilled till a bit caramelized, with the soft and warm bite, makes you wanna have more bites than you can handle. I got this at Shirakawa -go.

Lovely farm. The pointy shape roof and shape reminds me of the hobbits. No offense or anything.