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Women’s Handbags: Epitome of Fashion

If you think that diamonds are the one and only true friends of a stylish woman, you might want to think again. She is capable and willing of adding many other accessories in her collection to flaunt her look as much as she can. One such accessory that is a must in every woman’s shopping list whenever she is stepping out of the house is handbags. The best part about bringing home a chic designer bag is that it offers ample space for you to store your valuables while allowing you to look extremely fashionable and smart. From a teenager to an adult, everyone wants to get their hands on some of the best designer handbags available in the market today.

Varieties of handbags

One can find a wide variety of handbags to choose from in their favourite store. The most popular ones are listed below:

  • Shoulder strap: This is the most common handbag today that has a strap going across the shoulders. You can find them in different shapes, colours, and sizes for your use.
  • Satchel- This big and sturdy handbag boats anextensive and flat bottom and has a flag covering the main pocket. With two small handles and a strap, it is one of the most comfortable bags to carry for both, men and women.
  • Clutch- This purse is small in size and is generally carried on special occasions with formal wear such as suits, sarees, formal suits, and more.
  • Tote bags- Generally made out of cloth, these bags can be used while you travel, go out to fetch grocery, etc. These are one of the most stylish bagsand offer huge space for you to keep your stuff.

These are just a few out of the huge variety of latest handbags available for shopping enthusiasts like you. Explore the world of cheap designer handbags around you and grab the best one for yourself that fits your need and budget the best waypossible. Make sure that you get your favourite and must have handbag for your collection to look extremely stylish every single day.


1.What To Look For In A Good VideoGrapher

Dating is a nice phrase, living together is better and for the right couple, marriages are indeed made in heaven. Weddings are once in lifetime events and handing videography of the event is a huge responsibility. When you are handing over the job to someone be careful and think if you have made the right choice.

When it comes to a wedding one should not think much about spending, it has to be a great part. However, one need not worry about the videographer charging a lot. Very afforable wedding videography packages are available.

The following are some of the tips to choose a good videographer and to make a great video shoot

  1. Review his/her work: Check out the past video shoots that have been done. How this person has taken the video, this would give you a fair bit of idea on how yours would look like. If you don’t like it then don’t pick him. You can also ask the views of your wedding planner.
  2. Tech Savvy: Check if they are updated to latest technologies. For example, nowadays drones are used in wedding photography. Similarly, check what sort of cameras they use for covering the event. By their response, you can guess if they would use the latest technology to bring out the best in you.
  3. Planning: Discuss on their plans on how they would shoot it and how they visualize it. This would also help you in gauging the experience and expertise of the videographer and this would help you as well in understanding how things work with them.
  4. Cost: Check the cost upfront, many people tend to oversell by portraying unwanted things and charging extra for it. It is better to go for a package deal and confirm what and all are covered as part of the deal.

Thus, if you do your homework, you can find a good videographer.