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A Few Tips To Ask The Right Questions On Your First Date

You asked for a date and she has said ‘yes’. This is your first date with her. How do you prepare for your first date with a girl that you really like? Here are a few tips:

  • Plan your date well. Where will you take her and what will you converse with her? Choose a place which is interesting to the both of you. Be spontaneous, natural, and sincere.
  • Be chivalrous and be on time. Be confident and do not overdo anything.
  • It is important to pay attention and be appreciative. Do not go overboard with the compliments.
  • It is important that you dress smartly and look dapper and comfortable.

Apart from these tips have some things interesting to ask her in order to get to know her. Here’s some first date questions that you ask to break-the-ice and take the conversation further without hitting a plateau.

  • If she’s someone you don’t know much about, then you could ask her about her day at work, what she does in her leisure etc.,
  • If you know something about her already, for example, if she’s a foodie or a movie buff or a book lover, then you can steer the conversation towards her interests and have a comfortable first date.
  • You could ask to know about her lifestyle, her tastes, and preferences etc., It is important to look spontaneous and situational though the appropriate questions to be asked have been going on in your mind for a while.
  • If you have any interests that you would like to share with your partner, then you could mention those and ask her opinion to know whether you both share any common interests. For example, if you love travelling you could ask her whether she likes to travel, what she does during a holiday etc., Anything to get the conversation going.

There are no hard and fast rules on asking questions when you are planning a date. The first date by itself may look daunting to most of us. The key is to be cool and overcome your inhibitions and have a good time.