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When Dating Goes Bad

There is no fixed rule to follow while you are dating someone. This is because you should simply follow your instincts. However, with modern day dating, it could mean trouble if you just follow basic instincts. You are expected to be tactful, witty, smart, caring yet distanced from defining the relationship all too soon.

Despite following these rules, there could come a point in your life when dating goes absolutely wrong and you either need to run away from the situation or apologize for messing it all up. Almost all of us have had experiences of a date gone wrong but how horribly wrong could you think a date go?

Too Much of Butt Plug

Ever wondered how long can a butt plug be left inside your anus? If you are not quite sure and are still looking forward to buying a few pairs, do read up before your date night falls apart. Recently, a very close friend had one of those unforgettably bad experiences on her fourth date. She and her boyfriend were playing kinky and they left the butt plug in for too long. Guess what happened next?

How long is too long?

A butt plug should be inside the anus for not more than 2 hours at a stretch. The way a butt plug is designed could actually damage the delicate lining of your anus and reduce normal blood flow to the area, thus causing ulcers in future. There could be bleeding and discomfort with a short-term usage as well. The usage of a butt plug is entirely up to the discretion of the one who is using it but even if you feel comfortable keeping it inside, the best time span should be a maximum of 2 hours.

If you are one of those people who had a date night gone terribly wrong, trust this article at love plugs to help you learn better!…